Dealership Locator's History : A Different Kind of Platform

The average car buyer spends anywhere from six months to a full year researching a new car they are looking to purchase, and they then go to one dealership – on average – before buying that vehicle.

When you consider that car buyers often feel wary about providing third-party websites and classified sites their personal information or filling out forms, it is clear that the online car shopping process is in need of a fix.

This information really spoke to Bill Douglas and his friends DeSean White and Vince Kumar. Bill had been a sales manager and salesperson for several car dealerships, so had DeSean who’s friendship with Bill went back to their days in college. Vince was one of their former customers when both men worked at the same dealership. They all stayed in touch, and Vince’s background in programming and marketing turned out to be a boon.

All three men wanted to build a platform that helped car buyers find the vehicle they’re looking for without having to deal with an advertisement-riddled website that requested way too much information just to get started. Three years ago after lots of work and research Bill, DeSean and Vince’s work came to fruition and Car Dealers Direct was born.

At Car Dealers Direct we offer buyers an opportunity to find the sedan, truck or SUV they’re looking for on an ad-free, form-free website that provides an easy-going experience for buyers to shop for automobiles and scout the local dealerships where they can find the car they’re looking for.

Dealerships who register with us and add their store information to our directory can watch their store’s digital presence increase and their ranking on search engines rise as well. Our site also offers these dealerships a chance to deal directly with customers, first-generation leads. These types of leads have a conversion rate of 25-40%. Third-party leads have a conversion rate of only 4-7%.

Whether you are an auto shopper or a dealership, our website is the best source to help consumers and salespeople find one another.